Angela Bassett and Denzel Washington as Betty Shabazz and Malcolm X.

Currently listening (audiobook) to Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention by Manning Marable. Marable’s account of Malcolm and the history of the world that surrounded him (Garveyism, WWII, Civil Rights, NOI, etc.) is fascinating and complex. According to Marable, Malcolm’s interactions with/interpretation of women was challenged (in large part due to the plight of his mother) to say the least . However, as I’ve been listening to the book, My mind conjured up this scene from Spike Lee’s Malcolm X (1992) between the couple and the sheer tenderness and love Angela and Denzel exude in the moments shortly after their characters were married. I haven’t reached this part of the book yet, but I want to believe that Malcolm did indeed experience such tenderness with Betty. Especially since his life was so hectic! I did not realize until listening to this book that Malcolm only lived for 13 years after (married to Betty for 7 of those 13 years) he was released from prison, and what a life he lived! Whether you agree or disagree with the man and his philosophy, he packed a lot of mess-ups, re-dos, pride and purpose into the life he had. Amazing.