Wow…maybe this is corny to “report”, but today one of the pictures I posted a few weeks back, reached a little over 1000 notes! It sat for a long time without getting much attention, which struck me a little, because its a an extremely arresting image. At least to me— it struck me in the gut the first time I saw it. However, yesterday the tumblrverse got a hold of it and it just soared. I’m sure some of you are like, “so what? Your pic got a 1000 views. Who cares???” LOL, but I care! I never knew what to expect from this Tumblr blogging experience. I never expected anything I was posting to reach a specific number, I just wanted to post about Black Love and hoped that a few people would find my posts interesting enough to follow along. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it moves me that 1000 people were effected by a photo I posted and 100 people (thank you—*throws confetti upon you*) endure my postings day in and day out because they enjoy/find interesting what I am blogging. So yeah, thanks :)

*ends corny report*